In our commitment to grow in the love of Christ and His Word, the adults at Chelsea are participating in studying the book of Esther.  The class material for the study is internal and can be obtained via email.  We expect to complete this study by the end of September 2017.  Alternative adult classes are also offered throughout the year and the topics typically change quarterly.  For 2017, we are investing in the "Letters from Heaven".  The material is internal and will cover all New Testament books with the exception of the 4 gospels, Acts and Revelation.  Visitors are welcome to join us for either class.



Our children, nursery age through middle school, are also learning to grow in the love of Christ! They are doing this with help from loving, dedicated teachers using the Shaping Hearts for God curriculum from Shaping Hearts Publications. This is a three year bible curriculum that begins in Genesis and ends with the New Testament letters. The same material that is taught in bible class Sunday morning is reviewed Wednesday night and reinforced with an application to help their hearts grow in love toward God. Also, an important part of class for the youngsters is keeping pace with general bible knowledge. The 'Brush Up on Bible Facts' feature in the curriculum is embedded in each lesson and helps them to do just that. The goal we share for our children is for them to grow with a healthy balance of knowledge of scripture and a true love and appreciation for God, His son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit.

Take a look at our Children Classroom photo album!  Our volunteer teachers spend countless hours shaping our young souls.  From creative and colorful decorations in the classroom to building a loving bond with our little ones, they take on this great responsibility in helping the parents sow the Word of God in young hearts.

  • 2015 Children Plan
    • Q1 - Loving Hearts & Working Hands (1 Samuel thru 1 Kings 11)
    • Q2 - Measuring By God's Rule (1 Kings 12 - 2 Kings 25, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Selected Prophets)
    • Q3 - Building Your Life for God (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel, Ezekiel, Haggai & Malachi)
    • Q4 - Lighting the Way (Job - Song of Solomon)
  • 2016 Children Plan
    • Q1 - Stop, Look & Listen (Life of Christ: Words & Works)
    • Q2 - The Cross and the Empty Tomb (Life of Christ: Crucifixion & Resurrection)
    • Q3 - The Gospel is for All (Acts)
    • Q4 - Letters from Heaven (New Testament Letters)



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