No Curse

Revelation 22:1-5

In the city foursquare, we’re told that “there shall no longer be any curse.”

Our dictionary will have to be rewritten in that city, because so much of our language is tainted by the curse. Words like “serve,” “work,” “labor,” even “rest” will require new definitions in the City of God.

All earthly work and retirement has been contaminated by futility. Our work is never done, and what we call “done” is never done to perfection. There’s always holes in it, always imperfections. Before long, we have to do it over.

Not so in that city. In the New Jerusalem there will be service without sweat, labor without toil, work without weariness, occupation without boredom, rest without restlessness. Everything that turns a job into a chore, a task into a burden, a plan into a worry, and an investment into a loss will be no more in that city. There will no longer be any curse. Thorns and thistles will be extinct.

In the land with no curse, we’re told that “His bond-servants shall serve Him.” I don’t know what our occupations will be. But He does and so they will be perfect. Our yokes will fit us splendidly. Every job will produce the desired effect, be motored by the right attitude, and the fruit of our labor will be glorious. Our Master will be so pleased with us, and we with Him. Works for me.

Jason Moore