Our Home In The Heavens

2 Corinthians 4:16-5:10

Man longs for something permanent in his life. He yearns for perfection. He looks forward to the righting of wrongs, to the absence of debts, to the annihilation of corruption and decay. Paul focuses our attention on the answer to our quest.

For the Christian, there is something permanent. Our earthly habitation, our mortal body, is just a tent. It offers no protection from the severest weather. It promises no real comforts. It must constantly be mended and refastened and repositioned. And in due season it gets beyond repair and we must abandon it to the elements. But when the tent of the godly pulls up stakes, there is a permanent habitation that is promised.

It’s a building. No more camping. No more roughing it on the storms of life. Here’s a permanent place to call home.

It’s a building from God. It’s a gift of His love. It’s the product of His grace. If His gifts were innumerable before, how much more with this treasure!

It’s a house not made with hands. No leaks. No creaky boards. Everything will be plumb in the city foursquare. Contentment will be realized.

It’s a home eternal in the heavens. No one to take it away. No note to be paid off. But what really makes it home, is the One who’s there to make it possible.

Jason Moore