The Building Blocks of Heaven

Revelation 21:18-21; 22:1-2

In the City of God the most precious goods are common. The most precious materials in this world are common building materials in the next.

Paving stones are made of gold.

Foundations are not poured; they are hewn of diamonds and gems, precious stones of every color—red sardius, yellow topaz, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple—a dozen total. The City of God is a city built on a rainbow. Isn’t fitting that the city foundations should also remind us of the faithfulness of God?

Entire gates are made of a single pearl.

Angels, not men, are the gate keepers there.

The river of the water of life flows in a channel or an aqueduct down the middle of the street.

Trees, but not just any trees—the tree of life bears fruit every month. It grows on every bank found in the midst of every street.

Here are eternal pathways—streets of gold. Here are real foundations—hewn of gems in a rainbow of color. Here is real access—pearly gates. Here is real security—gates guarded by angels. Here is real refreshment—the water of life in abundance. Here is real nourishment—the tree of life in every season. Here is the ultimate of all realities. Here is real life. Here is real life forever.

Jason Moore