The City Street

Revelation 21:21; 22:1-8

Learning how to get around in a big city is a daunting task. Not all streets run North-South and East-West. Even numbered streets are not always sequential. Main street is not always, in fact, not often the main street. It’s easy to get lost in the city.

Look at the street of the heavenly city. There are not streets. There is a street, the street. How can there be one street but twelve gates? Perhaps there is only the street because every street in the New Jerusalem ends at the same place. You see, in the City of God every street leads home. To get home all you do is walk upstream. Because the stream of the water of life flows from the throne in a channel down the middle of every street. So every street leads home because every street leads to the throne. And the saints are at home around the throne in the City of God.

What does that mean? That means, friends, that no one gets lost in the City of God. (Not even the men.) Did you hear me? No one gets lost. No one loses their way in this town. Nobody gets off track. No one wanders from the path. No need for street signs and compasses and road maps. The Strait Way is Broadway in this city. It is the only way. And won’t it be fine?

Jason Moore