The New Jerusalem

Hebrews 11:8-16

Cities are the height of human civilization. Here, more than anywhere else, man fulfills his charge to subdue the earth.

Cities are the height of human cooperation. They are the result of a common vision and a common effort on a grand scale.

Cities are the ultimate expression and sustainer of human ingenuity. Their architecture, museums, and monuments preserve the story of human achievement, and inspire future progress.

However, cities not only embody what’s right, but all that’s wrong with man. Every city has gone the way of Babel, the first city. Rather than subduing the world, they becomes slave to it. Rather than cooperating in righteousness, her citizens conspire in folly. Rather than exercising ingenuity in well-doing they waste their creativity in evildoing. Like Babel of old, they push God from their thoughts, and look to make a name for themselves. The city which promises such hope with its tall buildings, its broad streets, and its bright lights only disappoints.

Aah, but there is a new city that will break the mold of Babel. This is the city “whose builder and maker is God.” Here, at last, is the intended destiny of mankind. Here is civilization at its peak. Here God’s initial charge to subdue the earth will be fulfilled. Here human cooperation in well-doing will be realized. There have been many great cities. This is the holy city, the New Jerusalem. Welcome!

Jason Moore