Wearing His Name

Revelation 22:1-5

In the City of God, the names of the twelve apostles are etched into its twelve foundation stones and each of the dozen gates granting entrance to the city are named for one of Jacob’s sons. That God has named the districts and avenues of His city after such humble persons will be a matter of great pride to its citizens.

But even more celebration will be derived from the name etched, not on the city, but on the citizens themselves. We’re told, “They shall see His face, and His name shall be on their foreheads” (22:4). What is this? What are we to picture? Is it a tattoo? Is it a brand of some sort? I suspect something more natural. Perhaps we should imagine a prominent birthmark that they will all have in common.

I know this. In the City of God, every citizen shall know in his heart of hearts that he is a child of the King. Every person will know who he is. No one will try to be somebody else. Nobody will try to impress or compete or upstage. No one will be unhappy about their lot, their talent, their station or their appearance. Everyone will like his name. Here is a city where everyone belongs. Nobody is left out. Everyone is a friend of the Mayor in this city. Everyone has connections. Everyone knows, “I belong here because I belong to Him.”

You don’t think that will change the way a man looks or the expression on his face? You watch and see.

Jason Moore