What's Missing

Revelation 22:1-5

Several things are curiously absent in the City of God. Did you notice?

Sun and moon will no longer be necessary as bearers of light. The glory of God will illumine this city and its lamp is the Lamb. And with their constant presence in the midst of this city, there will be no night there. Every day is a yellow day in this city. There are always blue skies and sunshine.

The sun, moon and stars are not only unnecessary as luminaries, but also as markers of time. They were appointed for signs and seasons in the first creation—for days, for weeks, for months, for years. But who needs a watch, a calendar, a day planner, or a palm pilot in the land of endless day? Time is an element of corruption. In the City of God, time will be a fossil. Clocks and calendars will be antiques.

Nothing runs out or runs down in this city. There is always sufficient daylight. There is always enough time. There are no energy crises, no black outs, no fuel shortages. There are no deadlines, no late fees, no expiration dates. Light and time are in abundant supply. No hurries. No worries.

What will we do with all that time? What time? Hard to fathom isn’t it? How do you fill up eternity? How do you spend a day that never runs out? You don’t. It just gets better, and brighter, and fuller, and richer. And it never stops.

Jason Moore