Where Righteousness Dwells

2 Peter 3:13-15

There is much I would like to know about heaven. Will the “wolf and the lamb… graze together” and the “lion eat straw like the ox” as Isaiah envisioned (65:25)? Or did he only speak in a figure of the perfect peace—the rest from sin’s curse—to be found in the new creation? I really don’t know. If there are wolves I suspect they will be tame andif there are lions I would imagine them to be herbivorous (plant-eating), but it’s not for me to speculate about such things. I’ll just have to wait and see. And that’s the point of such poetry—to keep us looking, hastening the day.

I do know this. Peter says that the new heavens and new earth is a place “in which righteousness dwells” (2 Pet. 3:13). I emphasize the word “dwells.” No deceptive serpent. No forbidden tree. Wickedness has had her day. Righteousness will be there to stay.

All that makes a lion treacherous and a wolf menacing, that makes city life contemptible and country life inconvenient, that turns old age into a burden and young age into a tragedy, that makes strong men groan and wise men blunder—all of life’s sorrows and injustices, rooted as they are in sin, bear no fruit in the new creation. Like the thorns and thistles they’ll be plucked up. A new paradise will flower in the land where righteousness dwells. Nothing will crowd its root; no one will threaten its bloom.

That makes what I don’t know unimportant. It’s what I do know that makes me want to go there.