Witnesses To Resurrection

1 Corinthians 15:35-49

Isn’t it amazing that Christians would have ever doubted the resurrection? Some did in Corinth. Paul shows that witnesses to resurrection are all around.

The plant kingdom proclaims resurrection. A seed is ugly and bare, dry and dead. But plant it in the ground and a miracle happens! Something beautiful and living, lush and looming is born. How could something so alive, so complex, and so wonderful come from something so dead, so simple, so dull? How? “God gives it a body just as He wished.” He does it every day in the plant kingdom. He will do the same with man.

The animal kingdom declares resurrection. Beasts are fitted for roaming the earth, birds for sailing the skies, and fish for swimming the oceans. Man is fitted to subdue the earth. “All flesh is not the same flesh.” If God can make different flesh suited for different realms, can He not fit man’s body for an incorruptible state? He certainly can.

The celestial bodies preach resurrection. The bodies that occupy the heavens are very different from the bodies of man and beast upon the earth. Just as there are “earthly bodies”, there are surely “heavenly” ones. Sun, moon, and stars have a glory all their own. God has in this present order fitted bodies for earth and bodies for heaven that differ in glory. Can He not then take man’s body fashioned for earthly residence and fit it for heaven?

God has left witnesses to His power to raise the dead everywhere. It is the hope of the Christian. Live like it today.

Jason Moore